The Independent reports that allowing councils to scrap by-laws without permission from Whitehall is having a practical benefit for cyclists.

SHAPPS GRANT-1 Local Government Minister Grant Shapps says:

 “There have been some crazy by-laws in place from the year dot stopping cycling from taking place. This should enable local people to scrap laws stopping people from getting on their bikes."

“Everyone is interested in looking after themselves and their health, as well as the environment, and cycling succeeds on both of those fronts.” 

The paper reports examples of where councils have already increased provision:

*Canterbury, where cyclists were allowed on to the promenade around Herne Bay as part of the National Cycle Network;

*Worthing, where the council also opened the promenade to cyclists.

*Harrogate, where cyclists will be able to use designated routes across the Stray, open land in the town centre, following changes to by-laws coming into effect next month.

Of course there will be lots of local controversies about just where cycling should be allowed. The point is these should be local decisions. If you don't want cycling along the promenade in Worthing then you can vote to throw out the councillors who allowed it.