Conservatives are still the leading partner in the coalition running Birmingham City Council. The Lib Dems have indicated they wish to continue in coalition. The Conservatives lost six seats on Thursday and only narrowly held on to three more. Anothjer third of the seats are up for election next year.

Labour's Sir Albert Bore says it is "a wake up call." It is. But not in the way he means.

The Council's  administration needs to show how it is different to how it would be if Labour were in charge. Under the Conservatives with Cllr Les Lawrence, in charge of Children's Services, the Council opposes academies, opposes free schools and presides over social work failings.

There has been dissent within the Conservative Group over the council continuing socialist policies such as restricting competition and setting up a municipal bank.

The Council increased its workforce and put up the Council Tax. Grant cuts means they are not cutting back the staffing levels to what they inherited – but why expand in the first place?

Residents are entitled to wonder how a Labour council would be any worse than a Conservative/Lib Dem coalition.