Since last year Wirral Borough Council has been run a Conservative/Lib Dem coalition under Conservative leadership. A third of the seats are up for election this year. The Council's new leadership have done a fantastic job in finding £60 million of savings without cutting frontline services. They have also declared war on red tape to help local businesses create wealth and jobs.

Under Labour leadership spending had been out of control while the vulnerable were treated appallingly.

The Conservatives will release their manifesto next week but have already published 10 pldegs for pennsioners.

Council leader Cllr. Jeff Green said:

“Many of Wirral’s retired residents were appalled when the previous administration tried to close their libraries and leisure centres.  They were hit hard by the doubling of Council Tax and, too often, they felt their views were ignored by a Council that couldn’t care less.

“Our 10 Pledges for Pensioners mean that will never happen again. As well as protecting the Council Tax cut for the over 75s, we are also committed to improving the care of the elderly so that Wirral is no longer ‘the worst in Britain’ and that we do all we can to help pensioners with the cost of living.”

 “We are committed to supporting our older residents and our 10 Pledges make it clear what they can expect, if a Conservative-led Council is elected on May 5th.”

The 10 Pledges are:

  1. Every pensioner in Wirral will be eligible for free home insulation to
    help cut their fuel bills.
  2. People who need care will be given the option to have their own
    budget, spending it how they choose.
  3. We will enable people to live in their own home for longer with help
    to adapt their property.
  4. We will protect the Council Tax discount available to the over 75s,
    worth £100 in a Band C property.
  5. We will increase fostering allowances to help those grandparents who foster their grandchildren.
  6. We will protect free bus travel for pensioners and push for improvements to railway stations.
  7. We will tackle Labour’s failures in adult social care, as exposed by the Care Quality Commission.
  8. We will maintain free swimming for pensioners, unlike the Labour Council in Liverpool.
  9. We will help older residents to have their say on Council decisions and more ways to get involved in what we do.
  10. We will work more closely with community and voluntary organisations who work with the retired.

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