Conservative-run West Lancashire has a third of its seats up for election on May 5th.

Among the local issues is how the Labour councillors are soft on crime.

For instance at a Council meeting this week the following motion was proposed the Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Cllr Paul Greenall:

“This Council notes that under various legislation, 22 powers are available to be granted to Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) at the discretion of Chief Constables but that in Lancashire, only one of these powers (i.e. the power to issue fixed penalty notices for dog fouling) has so far been granted to our PCSOs. This Council also notes that locally, West Lancashire Conservatives have been lobbying Lancashire Constabulary to increase the number of discretionary powers available to PCSOs. Accordingly, this Council supports the actions of West Lancashire Conservatives and formally calls on the Chief Constable of Lancashire Constabulary to provide PCSOs with more discretionary powers.”

Yet the Labour councillors opposed increased powers for PCSOs. Conservative council candidate David Sudworth says Labour "are completely isolated and out of touch on the issue."

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