Luton is a Labour-controlled Council, which employs Parenting Co-ordinators. It has with all the seats up for election on May 5th. The Conservatives were boosted by a defection last year but are currently in thir place on the Council. Matthew Peck, Deputy Chairman Luton Conservatives, reports

Four years ago a Labour administration won a surprise victory against the national swing, to end a somewhat chaotic period of administration by the Liberal Democrats (which included an attempt to rebrand Christmas, Luminous).

The Labour administration have been splashing about money in the intervening period, on a £90 million pound bus way, a swimming pool in a field, and grants to 'interest groups'.

The town has worked strongly to maintain racial harmony, despite being the home of Baroness Wasi's egg throwing islamists, and the 'spiritual home' of the EDL.

Predictably Labour have gone down the 'cuts cuts cuts' route of campaigning, and the Liberals seem to be in disarray, being seven candidates short of a full 'slate' in these all out elections (48)

The local Conservatives have been reinvigorated by a strong general election campaign, and are fielding a full slate on candidates. With Liberal support in free fall in the more affluent East side of the city, the Conservatives could make gains here.  With Cameron and Cable's spat on immigration boding badly for the Liberals in Luton, we could see the Conservatives become the opposition group in Luton, and the Liberals vanquished.

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