Since last year Bradford has has a minority Labour administration. A third of the seats are up for election on May 5 (plus an extra one as a Lib Dem not due for reelection has resigned.) Typically as a Labour council they have responded to the need to save money by extensive library closures. They are also planning the closure of the historic Mannningham swimming baths – much to the dismay of the Victorian Society. Conservatives have called for alternative savings including £250,000 of funding for the trade unions.

I wonder what impact free schools wll have in the election. Labour councillors have ran a smear campaign against the planned Rainbow School. They have suggested that it will be segreationist but it is "passionate abot inclusion." In fact much of the demand from Muslim parents for it is due to the failure of Bradford Council schools to teach English effectively.

Another free school planned is the Bradford District Free School which is getting strong backing from local businesses concerned about the skills shortage.

Do the people of Bradford want a council that seeks to undermine this initiative?

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