Cllr Richard Kemp, leader of the LGA Lib Dem group, has threatened the Conservative councillors that unless they start attacking the Government he will join forces with Labour to prevent the next Chairman of the Local Government Association being a Conservative.

He says:

Well I’ve got news for the Tories. The fact that the Chair of the LGA goes to the biggest Party is a convention and not a constitutional necessity. Already many Lib Dems and some Labour councillors are
asking if that convention should be applied given the failure to stand up and be counted.

So I’m putting the Tories at the LGA on notice. Shape up by the General Assembly at the end of June or you might not be taking the Chair after all.

Leave aside, for a moment, the sense of unreality that those of us in the real world care terribly much about who is the Chairman of the LGA. What is extraordinary is that Cllr Kemp, despite being paid an allowance of £32,337 by the LGA, is in such ignorance of their rules.

These state quite clearly:

8.6 The largest group shall appoint the chair of the Association.

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