More on the Campaign for Better Transport, the outfit engaged in partisan left wing campaigning in defiance of its charitablestatus (something the Charities Commission turns a blind eye). This year they have received very £50,000 from public bodies – the true figure is probably much higher as that only counts those individual donations of over £10,000. It is all money that could be spent filling potholes but instead is handed over to a group so fanatically anti motorist that it supported John Prescott's unlamented M4 bus lane and protests that fuel duty isn't higher.

The group gets £15,500 a year from Transport for London, presumably a hang over from the Livingstone era, while campaigning against Boris for scrapping the Congestion Charge Extension. Other funding from public bodies includes £20,000 from Network Rail and £15,000 from Merseytravel. Funding from the trade unions such as Aslef and the TSSAallows CBT to serve as a front for promoting union policies without the vested interests being so obvious. More surprising is that the City Bridge Trust, a thoroughly respectable City of London foundation, should be giving them money – £45,000 last year.

Not that CBT is entirely exceptional. There are plenty of "charities" that spend their money (often taxpayers money) campaigning against the Conservatives. Shelter is another example that comes to mind. The law is not enforced. The state keeps handing over vast sums. The Lefties who find cushy jobs on such "charities" will continue indulging in agitprop. They will do this because, quite astonishingly, the Government lets them get way with it.

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