Scotland and England have a Council Tax freeze this year but the Labour Party have used their power in the Welsh Assembly to prevent it in Wales. Without the incentive of extra grant for delivering a freeze only Caerphilly has done so.

Shadow Local Government Minister Jonathan Morgan said:

“Hard-pressed council tax payers in Wales have faced a rough deal under 12 years of Labour-led Assembly Governments, during which time bills have more than doubled.

“Local authorities need to face the challenge of delivering high quality local services in a more efficient manner to help limit council tax hikes for families across Wales, who have already been forced to tighten their belts.”

The highest Council Tax in Wales this year is in independent-run Blaenau Gwent where the Band D level is £1,382. Labour-run Neath Port Talbot is next on £1,343. Conservative/Lib Dem coalition in Newport has a Band D Council Tax of £957 – although independent-run Pembrokeshire is lower on £895.