Teignbridge District Council has all its seats up for election. At present there are 21 Lib Dems, 19 Conservatives and six independents. So just a few gains would allow the Conservatives to gain control.

Led by Cllr Jeremy Christophers the Conservatives have been working hard to prepare for power and come up with a number of fresh ideas.

Here is their programme:

Having listened to the people of Teignbridge, a Conservative Administration will…….

·         Freeze council tax for two years, while we work with local communities to deliver future savings for council tax-payers.

·         Review the joint arrangement with Torridge DC for the Chief-Executive and explore partnerships with our near neighbours South Hams and West Devon to deliver services more efficiently.

·         Reduce the size and cost of Executive, by creating one joint post for Housing and Planning to save council-tax payers money.

·         Combine the Housing and Planning Departments to deliver better housing and job provision for the benefit of all local communities. House building has decreased to an all-time low.  We are
470 homes below this year’s target of 740 per year.

·         Appoint an Executive member specifically responsible for the promotion of Tourism.

·         Bring power to the people, giving Towns and Villages assets owned by Teignbridge and genuine power to make their own decisions.

·         Increase investment in your area by doubling the councillors community fund to £3000 per annum, giving local Councillors a greater ability to lead projects enhancing their community.

·         Carry-out a complete review of parking charges with a view to keep traffic moving safely rather than trying to make money out of motorists.