Joe Duckworth has a new job as Director of the League Against Cruel Sports "charity." The previous LACS Chief Executive was paid £110,000 to £120,000. He will be joining in July.

Duckworth was paid £241,000 a year by Newham Council – before we add in pension and perks. Last year he was rumoured to have negotiated the biggest pay off in municipal history. He used to be a researcher for the trade union Usdaw. Does anyone seriously believe that he would get a salary remotely as high were he to be in a real job in the private sector?

At least Newham Council has the excuse that it has a large budget for the Chief exec to be in charge off. If I was a donor to LACS (which I am not) I would have some questions to ask about such a huge chunk of charity's fund going to pay for their CEO.