Thhe Mayor of London Boris Johnson was interviewed on Politics Show on the BBC on Sunday.

One of the more amusing attacks put to Boris was Ken Livingstone claim that Boris was:

As far as I can remember when the previous guy was knocking around he went to Havana more often than he went to Havering.

During the interview Boris said:

"When people look at what we have achieved over the last three years, when they look at our record on crime, the successes we've achieved on affordable homes, all the things that we've done, I think people are very pleasantly surprised at what we're doing."

When questioned on what he'd done for outer London, Boris pointed to the 'Oysterisation' of the overground rail system from the suburbs and the fall in crime on buses. He went on to say, "Scarcely a week goes by when I'm not doing something in outer London."

On Police:

"By making the economies that the police have been able to make in the backroom, in IT, in HR, all those sort of things, we're able to increase frontline police officers."

"The reason we are doing what we are doing is not just to have numbers high or to have 638 safer neighbourhood teams, the reason we are doing what we are doing is to continue driving down crime."

On London's settlement from the CSR:

"It was a tough settlement, but we've been able to make it work. Obviously I want to secure the best deal for London under any circumstances and my argument to Government is if you want this economy to grow, put the money in London."

He also discussed the fact that senior Government figures warned him against promoting Crossrail as the Government wanted to "quietly mothball" the programme.