The Sunday Express reports the the terror suspect accused of plotting to blow up Big Ben, Mohammed Chowdhury, 20, was allocated a luxury flat by Tower Hamlets Council. Mohammed Chowdhury, 20, was placed in a one bedroom flat worth £250,000 home near Canary Wharf.  It is owned by the Toynbee Housing Association. He was resident there for about a year.

The paper adds:

During his time there records show he voted twice by postal ballot, once in the General Election in May and again in a controversial poll to elect a mayor for Tower Hamlets in October, when the turnout was just 26 per cent.

Cllr Peter Golds, the Conservative leader of the Opposition on Tower Hamlets Councils says:

“This property is in one of the most sought-after developments of the borough. If he is the legal tenant, how did he rise up the housing list when I am told many applicants are expected to sleep in living rooms or share rooms with siblings of a different gender?”

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