By Jonathan Isaby

Picture 8 Another day and another example of the kind of public sector waste which will come to an end as more and more transparency is demanded of councils and spending is regularly published online.

Ross Grant, the Tory group and opposition leader on Leicester City Council has exposed the Labour council's profligate spending on pens as a typical example of its wasteful and inefficient way of doing things.

As the Leicester Mercury reports, he has exposed how the council spends a little shy of £7,000 per year on about 30 different types of pen, ranging from the cheapest at 0.03p each when bought in bulk, to the most expensive "Yoropen", each of which costs more than £1. Cllr Grant calculates that more than £5,500 could be saved each year if the council just bought the cheapest pens:

"This is just on pens. Branch out into paper, rulers, rubbers, calculators and other office stationery and you're potentially looking at tens of thousands. Branch out to bigger spending such as computers, carpets and furnishings and the savings could be even bigger."

"I chose to look at the cost of pens to highlight one small example of the waste that can be found at all levels of the council. The overspend on something as minor as pens shows how much could be saved by a detailed examination of costs across the council."

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