As mentioned before I am rather a fan of Caroline Flint the Shadow Communities Secretary but she does seem too have got her figures muddled on Council job losses. (I refuse to accept the alternatve explanation that she is engaged in deliberate scare mongering.)

In my opinion there is a strong case to be made that the Coalition Government's plans to slim down tthe public sector do not go far enough. But, of course, the Labour Party are in no position to make such a case. So they have to try and pretend that the plans are terribly extreme.

Here is Caroline Flint interviewed by Adam Boulton on Sky News:

But also I think you have to be mindful of the reality of the choices that are having to be made on the local scene and the Local Government Association which is actually headed by a Conservative peer, Lady Margaret Eton, she said that based on the expectations of the coalition government, they’ve upped the number of jobs that are going to be lost in this first year from 100,000 to 140,000. I mean these are choices that this government is making, nobody is hearing …

Of course the Office of Budget Responsibility says the number of jobs are going to be …

Ah, I’m glad you asked me about this, Adam, because actually what the Office of Budget Responsibility in their forecast this week didn’t add into that, local government.

They said public sector.

Yes, but they are not including local government in that. Whatever the OBR said about the figures this week, it doesn’t include the cuts in the local government so that’s another little smoke-screen that the coalition government would like us to think is happening but the fact is that local government is facing the most severest cuts in thirty years, it’s front loaded when we don’t think it should be and they are not listening to people, they are not listening to their own councillors, let alone Labour councillors up and down the country.

Not so. The OBR report includes local Government employment.

The Treasury have confirmed this.

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