The BBC reports that housing associations and local councils will be entitled to check the finances of new tenants to see if they have become too rich to be entitled to subsidised housing.

The reform seems reasonable. During the election Labour ran scare campaigns telling existing Council tenants that they would be thrown out of their homes. Labour knew that was false which makes their candidates who pushed that line were lying. But changing the deal that new tenants sign up to is a different matter.

The balance, of course, is in ending the dependency of a Council tenancy for life (or indeed being passed down the generations) without increasing the dependency of worklessness where tenants feel it prudent not to take a job lest they lose their Council home. Rather with Child Benefits will we be in a position where turning down a pay rise makes sense? I suppose there are similar complications with increasing Council rents closer too market levels. That does not mean that the approach is wrong. But it does mean it is difficult.

I don't know what form the financial check will take. I suppose after to see a copy of the tax return would be good start.