Cllr Paul Cotterill, the Labour Group leader on West Lancashire Borough Council, offers the following analysis of the new Labour leader:

I think Ed M’s come over as a bit of triangulating turd, if I’m honest, and if such a thing exists.

His campaign has been driven by the ‘values’ that I think he thinks people want to see in his campaign and potential leadership.  This is best reflected in the more stupid rightwing view is that he is ‘tacking left’.

He’s not tacked left in any meaningful way.  He’s let it be known that he might be tacking left, because that’s where he thinks there’s a pool of vote from people who don’t want David or ed Balls, and don’t
take diane Abbott or Andy Burnham seriously.

Ed Miliband, you don’t fool me.  You’re a nice enough bloke, but you’re a charlatan.

He now adds that he is sorry for calling Mr Miliband a "charlatan" but not for calling him "turd." I wouldn't dream of being so rude as to call Mr Miliband a turd. I rather suspect that if the comment was made on this site while I might be too indulgent to bother to do anything about it, that Tim, Jonathan and Paul would quickly delete such unpleasant abuse. Quite right too.

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