Paradise "Lib Dems Paradise lost to Tories as Carol defects," runs the headline in the Bath Chronicle. Cllr Carol Paradise has defected from the Lib Dems on Bath and North East Somerset to join the Conservative Group. The Council has a minority Conservative administration.

Clllr Paradise says:

 "I feel absolutely shafted. I have had enough and I have been badly treated. I feel the Lib Dems stab each other in the back to get their point of view across.

"There is bound to be divisions in any political party but discussions should be open and above board."

  "I went into local politics because I believe in serving my community and helping local people and that remains the case today.

"I have been increasingly dismayed by the way so many of the Bath Liberal Democrats have operated and the way they place petty political advantage before the best interests of local people and our community.

"In comparison I have been increasingly impressed by the way that the Conservative Group on the council has sought to make the responsible and right decisions to take Bath forward."

Cllr Anthony Clarke, Deputy Conservative leader, says:

 "We have always had a lot of respect for Carol and the work that she does for her local community and indeed service to the council as a whole. She is an excellent addition to our party.

"Her decision is further evidence that people want a council that puts people, not party, first and gets on with the job it was elected to do, which is what we are all about."

Welcome aboard.