By Jonathan Isaby

Picture 2 The Scottish Daily Telegraph reports:

"More than a hundred senior executives at Scotland’s largest local authority will receive average ‘golden goodbyes’ of £128,000 each as part of a £127 million redundancy package.

"Labour-run Glasgow City Council has agreed to pay £13 million to 102 chiefs who have volunteered to retire early under a radical cost-cutting scheme drawn up to prepare looming spending cuts.

"A third of the most senior staff, who earn between £47,292 and £132,013, have applied to leave early and are to receive up to 30 months’ salary, depending on their length of service."

Derek Brownlee MSP, the Conservative spokesman for Finance and Sustainable Growth in the Scottish Parliament, says the council has questions to answer over this redundancy package:

“Every council will have to reduce staff numbers, and voluntary redundancy is preferable to compulsory redundancy. However Labour run Glasgow City Council has questions to answer about the generosity of these payoffs. 

The Labour leadership on the council is responsible for creating the jobs they now say they can't afford. Voluntary groups in Glasgow have had funding cut, and council taxpayers face a rise in bills next year. It seems the only group Labour will look out for is highly paid public sector managers."

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