Glyn Gaskarth finds a new measure interesting but queries the methodology

Experian (an information services company) has ranked all the local authority areas in England according to their ‘resilience’ to planned public service cuts. The rankings are available here. Conservatives should be ready for opponents to use such research to attack the coalition Governments deficit reduction programme.

The resilience score is based on a methodology that strangely includes the amount of green space as one of many indicators. The residents of the Conservative Elmbridge Borough Council will be glad to know they are (apparently) the most resilient local authority in the country at Number 1. Conservative campaigners in Middlesbrough will want to highlight that their Labour authority is ranked the least resilient area in the country at number 324.

Conservatives should use this research to highlight the fact that Labour councils, where they exist, score low on this list. However, expect research of this type to be used against Conservatives nationwide over the coming months and years.

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