Back in January I compiled a list of 100 achievements of Boris Johnson as Mayor of London. I should really do an update as there have been many more since then.

One item to add comes in an article for The Times £ this morning  by Kit Malthouse, the Deputy Mayor for Policing in London and Chairman of the London Hydrogen Partnership. His theme is that hydrogen cars are even better than electric cars as there isn't the same need for recharging. Generally Britain has been falling behind other countries but there is some good news:

In London (I declare an interest) we are building six hydrogen refuelling stations and aim to have 120 vehicles in operation for 2012. We will have five hydrogen buses in the capital this autumn. And there are pioneering British companies in the field. Intelligent Energy, based in the Midlands, produced the world’s first hydrogen black cab this year.

Boris says:

We are ploughing millions into plans to encourage the widespread uptake of electric vehicles, to boost cycling, to expand the use of hybrid bus technology to make London a more pleasant, less polluted city. The use of hydrogen technology, which emits only water vapour, is an exciting part of our vision for the future.

We may or may not find the evidence of climate change convincing but Londoners would agree on wanting clean air. We are fortunate in having a Mayor who is doing something about it. The most important contribution will be from capitalism in developing viable technology. But Boris is going the process a crucial nudge.

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