Brighton and Hove Council includes a webcam of Council meetings. Good for them. Cllr Jason Kitcat, a Green Party councillor, has put up clips on his YouTube channel, so residents can see what points he has been raising. Of course not many bother but a few dozen have. This one has had 32 hits so far and was put up a year ago. The clips seem to include the responses to the specific points he makes. He hasn't messed around with the footage putting on rousing pop music of superimposed mocking captions. They are just straight clips.

So why has Cllr Ted Kemble, a Conservative councillor, made a complaint to the Standards Board about it? How can Cllr Kitcat's action be regarded as bringing the Council into disrepute? His modest efforts to enhance public awareness of Town Hall decision making should be emulated rather than condemned. Conservative councillors, in Brighton and Hove and other councils which webcam their meetings, should get their own YouTube Channels. Instead of sniping they should promote clips of some of their oratorical flourishes from the Council Chamber.

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