Allerdale Borough – Christchurch Cockermouth: C 466, Lib Dem 131, Green 108. (May 2007 – Two seats C 673, 571, Lab 360, 320).

Con hold.

Broxtowe Borough – Cossall and Kimberley: C 757, Lab 731, Lib Dem 524. (May 2007 – Three seats Lab 840, Lib Dem 749, C 739, 691, Lab 669, 669, C 663, Lib Dem 584, 488, BNP 232).

Con hold. Swing 1.3% Lab to C.

Interesting comment from a Labour activist (I think the former Labour MP for Broxtowe, Nick Palmer) on the Vote 2007 website, concerning the Broxtowe contest:

"We ended up with more than 20 LibDem leaflets, including one delivered every day for the last fortnight. The campaign was run by the Ashfield LibDems, who are notably less scrupulous than the
Broxtowe ones. Gems included a barchart showing Labour on 42, LibDems on 40 and Cons on 12; a claim that the Labour candidate (a young woman standing for the first time) was responsible for the economic crisis and not local (she's lived in the ward all her life); and a claim that the Tory councillor had been "booted off" for lazily failing to attend (he has Alzheimer's).

"All the leaflets strongly resembled each other with the same artwork. Even LibDem voters were very irritated, to put it mildly, and I don't think it was a useful strategy – which is just as well, as if it had worked we'd have all had to follow suit. The Tories put out three leaflets; we put out just one, and that one too late after the PVs had gone out (due to a technical hitch)."

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