Labour-run Waltham Forest Council has been beset by financial mismanagementbut there were some hopes that their appointment of a new Chief Executive last year, Andrew Kilburn, showed the problem was being tackled.

Kilburn commissioned a report by Sir Peter Rogers.

Among other points the report said:

Under its NRF-funded Youth at Risk programme, Waltham Forest entered into a contract worth £240,000 with EduAction. There have been numerous complaints through whistle blowers and a number of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests around this contract. It has been impossible to find any individual within the Council itself who understands what was contracted and what has been delivered for the money. Of even more concern, there appears to be little concern from key people that this is the case.

Kilburn welcomed the report. But perhaps by commissioning it and attempting to secure changes as a result he will have made enemies. Now, according to the Waltham Forest Guardian, he has gone. We haven't been told why and we probably won't be. The usual procedure is a huge pay off including a promise of silence. Why aren't these gagging clauses banned? They push up the cost of the pay offs by giving the CEO being ousted a negotiating chip. They are also bad for transparency.

The Conservatives gained seats in the local elections in Waltham Forest last month. But the implosion of the Lib Dems means that Labour have overall control.