Swindon has been showing the way. Much of the rest of the nation has started to folllow. Speed cameras which spread rapidly under New Labour will now be restricted. I have written elsewhere about the evidence that accidents have declined at a lower rate since speed cameras were brought in, in 1994, than was happening before.

Mike Penning, the Roads Minister, says:

“The Government will not provide any more money to local authorities for new fixed speed cameras.

“If authorities want to put up new fixed cameras, they are free to do so using their own resources, but we strongly encourage them to use other methods and effective safety measures.

“There are now three times as many speed cameras in this country as there were in 2000, and the public must be confident that speed cameras are there for road safety, not as a cash cow. Under this Government, they will be.

“The growth of speed cameras has been so great that the public are concerned about whether they are there for safety or to raise money for the Treasury.”