The local elections resulted in the Conservatives and Labour each having 16 councillors in Lincoln. However the Conservatives have retained pwoer due to support from the lone Lib Dem councillor.

The Conservatives have also retained power on Hyndburn Council despite losing overall control. This happened after the independent councillors abstained in the vote on Council leader.

Also in Bury the Conservatives are still in charge despite now being a minority administration. Given that the Conservatives have the most seats it would seem reasonable for the Lib Dems to have allowed this – although there is no coalition. The Labour Party are complaining that with 20 councillors to the eight given to the Lib Dems it is unfair that the Lib Dems have got three of the four "paid positions made available to opposition parties." Bury Council Taxpayers may be more concerned that it is deemed necessary to have as many as four Special Responsibility Allowances to Opposition councillors.

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