Housing wasn't among the issues covered in the Coalition Agreement document from the Conservatives and the Lib Dems. However as we have a Conservative Housing Minister, Grant Shapps, I would hope that we can look forward to Conservative housing policies being implemented. At any rate his appointment seems to be popular among experts in the field.

This is what the Conservative manifesto said:

We want to deliver more affordable homes. We want to create a property-owning democracy where everyone has the chance to own their own home. That is why we will permanently raise the stamp duty threshold to £250,000 for first-time buyers, meaning nine out of ten of them will pay no tax on their first home purchase.

Communities should benefit when they choose to develop sustainably, so we will match pound-for-pound the council tax receipts that local authorities receive from new homes to encourage sensitive local development. We will create new local housing trusts to allow communities to grant planning permission for new housing within villages and towns so that the benefits of development remain
within the local area. We will also abolish Home Information Packs, which have made a significant contribution to problems in our housing market.

A Conservative government will make it easier for social tenants to own or part-own their

We will:

  • Introduce a ‘foot on the ladder’ programme to offer an equity stake to good social tenants, which can be cashed in when they move out of social rented accommodation;
  • pilot a new ‘right to move’ scheme and introduce a nationwide social home swap programme, so social tenants can transfer their tenancy to another home or part of the country; and,
  • respect the tenures and rents of social housing tenants.

We will implement a range of measures to address the problems of the homeless, including introducing more accurate street counts and ensuring a Minister in each relevant department has homelessness in their brief.

Lib Dem proposals in their manifesto included incentives to get 250,000 empty homes back into use, a greater priority for improved home insulation and support for "home on the farm" policy to encourage farmers to convert existing buildings for affordable housing.

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