Wirral Council has an exceptionally unpleasant Labour/Lib Dem administration. A third of the seats are up for election on Thursday.

In terms of the General Election the Wirral South constituency is our 79th target. Boundary changes mean that Wirral West is already a notional Conservative seat. Wallasey is a rather more ambitious target at 239. Birkenhead is a very distant target – 350th – but the good news is it is already represented by the excellent Frank Field.

Of the relevant wards for Wirral South when last contested three went to the Conservatives and two to the Lib Dems. Yet this is a Labour held seat – the Lib Dems were a distant third last time. Good luck to Conservative candidate Jeff Clarke.

Then let's have a look at the relevant six wards for the Wallasey constituency. When they were last contested five went to the Conservatives, only one for Labour. Good luck to the Conservative candidate Leah Fraser.

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