Good item in Private Eye concerning the vested interest many councillors will have in opposing the Home Secretary Theresa May's proposals for replacing police authorities with elected police commissioners. It "could herald the end of a nice little earner for hundreds of councillors."

It mentions three Labour councillors as examples.

Cllr Paul Kirton of Stockton-on-Tees Council gets £9,072 from Cleveland Police Authority: "He attended just 10 meetings last year which comes to £907 a meeting…"

Cllr Judith Blake of Leeds Council was paid for the police authority membership  on top of £36,685 councillor allowances.

Cllr Jon Collins, Labour leader of Nottingham, was paid £10,701 from Nottinghamshire Police Authority plus his council allowance of £46,320. 

GLA Members who sit on the Metropolitan Police Authority are paid £9,570 – plus their £53,439 annual GLA salaries.

I don't entirely buy into Private Eye's cynical world view. If police authority members present arguments against elected police commissioners then they must be dealt with on merit. Play the ball, not the man. But I do think such people should declare their interest.

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