I have written earlier on potential Town Hall gains for the Conservatives on May 6 in London and elsewhere. Most of these contests last took place in 2006 since when we have generally advanced in the polls – we were roughly level pegging with Labour this time four years ago.

But I also accept there could be some two way traffic. So where might we see reverses? Andy Sawford of the Local Government Information Unit identifies 20 Councils to Watch. The eight Conservative Councils (or Conservative-led Councils) he thinks vulnerable are Coventry, Hastings, Leeds, Merton, Mole Valley, Thurrock, Winchester and Wolverhampton.

The good news is he thinks we could gain enough seats to either take overall control or form a minority administration in five Councils. They are Derby, Gosport, Kingston upon Thames, Reading and Sutton.

I think Sawford is being too gloomy. We will pick up more than we lose.

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