Swindon Council is a unitary authority under Conservative control and with a third of the seats up for election on May 6. The council has put its speed cameras out of action – with no increase in accidents so far. Labour and the Liberal Democrats went to get the speed cameras functioning again – despite the evidence.

So far as the General Election is concerned all roads lead to Swindon. Both Swindon North (Target 57) and Swindon South (Target 33) are not merely target seats for the Conservatives – but ones that on any measure have to be gained to secure a Conservative Government.

The success of the Conservative Council offers an excellent springboard.

In Swindon South of the 11 relevant wards there were eight won by the Conservatives last time, one Conservative/Labour split, one went to Labour and one to the the Lib Dems. Good luck to our candidate Robert Buckland.

In Swindon North of the 11 relevant wards when last contested eight elected Conservatives, three elected Labour candidates. Good luck to our candidate Justin Tomlinson who is one of our local councillors.

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