Southampton has an excellent Conservative Council, under the radical leadership of Cllr Alec Samuels, that has come up with some really positive, innovative initiatives. The idea for providing some recognition and encouragement to Special Constables through a Council Tax rebate is one of particular interest. It could well give a real boost to fighting crime in the City – yet has been fought tooth and claw by the Labour Party who have managed to delay it being brought in. Southampton is a unitary council and has a third of the seats up for election on May 6.

What of the General Election? Southampton Test Labour held and our 175th target. Southampton Itchen is also held and our 198th target. Romsey and Southampton North mostly comes under Test Valley Borough Council. It is Lib Dem held and our ninth target seat. The Lib Dem candidate is expenses abuser Sandra Gidley whom I wrote about on Monday. It is an indictment of the Lib Dems that they are fielding her as their official candidate and Nick Clegg should be challenged on this disgraceful state of affairs.

So far as Southampton Test is concerned of the seven relevant wards six went to the Conservatives the last time they were contested and only one to Labour. There is a health warning that we did exceptionally well in 2008 when these elections were held. Good luck to our candidate in the General Election, local councillor Jeremy Moulton.

In Southampton Itchen the seven relevant wards also produced six Conservative victories and one for Labour when last fought two years ago. Again we have a local councillor standing Royston Smith. Good luck to him.

For Romsey and Southampton North there are two wards from Southampton, last contested in 2008 and 14 from Test Valley Borough Council last contested in 2007. Of those 16 wards 11 went Conservative, five Lib Dem with one split between the two parties. Good luck to our candidate Caroline Noakes. Her victory would be a breakthrough for those wanting to clean up Parliament and a defeat for Lib Dem sleaze.

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