Harrow has a Conservative council and, as with all the London boroughs, has all the council seats up for election on May 6. This year harrow has frozen the Council Tax.

So far as the General Election is concerned victory in Harrow East is crucial to securing the election of a Conservative Government. Harrow East is our 56th target. The other one is Harrow West which is our 179th target.

The relevant nine wards for Harrow East last time round saw the full Conservative ticket returned in five, a Labour/Conservative split in one and Labour win three.  Good luck to our candidate Bob Blackman. The sitting Labour MP Tony McNulty is seeking re-election despite an expenses scandal.

For Harrow West the nine relevant wards went three to the Conservatives, one was a Conservative/Labour split, one was a Conservative/Lib Dem split and four went to Labour. So our candidate for that seat Rachel Joyce, who has been an NHS doctor for 21 years, faces a tough challenge but not an impossible one. Good luck to her. 

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