Exeter has a minority Lib Dem administration. The 11 Labour councillors on the authority will be relieved that no elections are taking place this year. They were cancelled because of plans for unitary status next year – I can't see why that justifies suspending democracy in the mean time. Still the Labour Government have not managed o come up with  pretext for cancelling the General Election  – so far. There is all Party support on Exeter for unitary.

The Council featured in The Sunday Telegraph's Waste Watch after spending £172,000 on modernist public art in Heavitree Fore Street. It included £73,000 on a glass and metal sculpture and paying someone £4,000 to write a poem.

So far as the Exeter constituency is concerned it is the Conservative target 176. The Conservative candidate is Hannah Foster, a former Conservative Future chairman which should leave her well placed for chasing the student vote.

Victory for Hannah would mean ousting a cabinet minister – the Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw. This is the man who sends bullying Twitter messages complaining the BBC is not left wing enough. He flipped his second home to maximise expenses designating his more expensive property, in Hammersmith, his second home. Although it is jointly owned with his partner he claimed all the mortgage interest. He then complained that being criticised for doing so was homophobic. Gordon Brown promoted him to the cabinet. 

As Environment Minister he declared it was irresponsible not to recycle correctly and then was exposed for not doing so himself and had been contaminating his Hammersmith and Fulham Council orange recycling sacks with CD-Roms. Yet he put his pack of Rizla cigarette papers in the general waste.

So will Bradshaw get his comeuppance? It seems an entirely achievable objective. Of the 16 relevant wards the last time they were contested six returned Conservatives, four returned Labour councillors. There were also four for the Lib Dems and two for the Liberal Party. By the way the Liberal Party propose withdrawal from the EU. They are not to be confused with the Lib Dems.

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