Andrew Sweeping to victory in Enfield in the council elections eight years was one of the few triumphs on what was generally a disappointing set of results. The Conservatives maintained control four years ago – but it is not by a huge margin and so this will still be a tough fight on May 6 when, as with the other boroughs, all the seats come up for election once again.

So far as the General Election is concerned two of the seats – Enfield North and Enfield Southgate are already Conservative. The third, Edmonton, is reckoned to be a safe Labour seat. It is the 284th target seat. However our candidate Andrew Charalambous is a successful businessman and an energetic campaigner. He is the Conservative Kojak. Good luck to him. He has promoted zero tolerance policing and affordable home ownership. But he would probably need a visit to the constituency from Gordon Brown to seal the deal.

Andrew is a Special Constable and has persuaded a gang mediator Ken Hinds to stand as a Conservative council candidate.

The local Conservative Council shows an practical approach to problems. during the slippery conditions last winter they imported a thousand tons of Scandinavian grit.

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