Boosted by defections the Eastleigh Conservatives will hoping to make progess in the contest for Eastleigh District Council where a third of the seats are up for election. The Lib Dems currently control the Council with a big majority – surprising perhaps given that the Parliamentary constituency of the same name with much the boundaries was almost gained for the Conservatives by Conor Burns in 2005. UKIP were very proud of their intervention having a crucial role in retaining the seat for arch federalist Chris Huhne. It is the 12th target seat this time but the local elections suggest it will be a tougher fight than its ranking would imply.

Eastleigh Council's planning policy is to provide new homes via "garden grabbing." They have also declared a fatwa on allotment holders.

Last month Eastleigh featured in Non-job of the week. They were advertising for a Health and Community manager (salary £41,563 to £44,619.) It's role for Council is to keep "health, wellbeing and inequalities and diversity central to its corporate Strategy and Community Plan." The Council leader Cllr Keith House and his partner Cllr Louise Bloom together claim £80,000 a year for various councillor allowances.

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