Derby City Council has a minority Lib Dem administration and has a third of the seats up for election on May 6.

The Conservatives are offering the following pledges:

A COUNCIL TAX FREEZE. Under a Conservative Government and Conservative controlled Council, we will not increase your Council Tax for two years and we will support referenda to allow the public to approve or reject future Council Tax rises.

ROADS & PAVEMENTS. A Conservative Council would completely review the way in which the City’s roads are being repaired and commit to pavement improvements.

ROAD SAFETY. We would withdraw the City Council’s funding of speed cameras and invest in alternative speed reduction and road safety measures.

REGENERATION. We will work to transform the City centre by committing to the regeneration of the Riverside and kick-start other schemes such as the Becketwell site (the old Debenhams building and the area adjacent including Duckworth Square).

EMPOWER LOCAL PEOPLE. We will transfer core budgets to neighbourhood boards
(made up of local people and ward Councillors) across the City.

KEEP THE CITY MOVING. We would review traffic flows to make improvements and
update and alter City Centre road signage to greatly improve directions and coherence.
We would also work with the Department of Transport on planned or proposed flyover
and relief road schemes to keep Derby moving.

PRIDE IN OUR CITY. We would improve main roundabouts and gateways into the City
by using sponsorship and public art.

BUS LANES. We would review both the proposed Kedleston Road bus lane and Duffield Road bus lane on safety grounds whilst keeping or improving planned pedestrian facilities. We will also open up bus lanes for cyclists and motorbikes.

MUSEUMS FOR THE FUTURE. By giving Museums trust status they would be protected from local authority spending cuts and be free of bureaucracy. This will increase visitors, encourage investment in displays, buildings, learning, events and expand activity programmes for schools and families.

SUPPORTING DERBY’S MARKETS. We would move quickly to review and change the Council’s Markets strategy to re-invigorate a spiralling decline.

PARKING. We would commit to providing parking facilities at realistic levels around the Royal Derby Hospital site and to work to tackle parking issues across the City.

DERBY – A MODERN CITY. In conjunction with commercial partners, we will celebrate Derby’s historic place in the video game industry by hosting a new video game conference and show that utilises The Assembly Rooms, our museums and other venues across the City.

This sounds like an encouraging programme. A distinctively Conservative approach being applied to local circumstances. Even in opposition the Conservatives have had an impact in constraining the Council Tax.

Among the Parliamentary seats it is Derby North which commands the greatest attention as it is a Conservative target seat.

Last year the Council spent £30,000on a luxury get together for some of their headteachers. Their social workers turned down a Christian couple from becoming foster parents because they refused to condone homosexuality. Last year the Council recruited a new Chief Executive on £160,000 – who then spent £13,000 refurbishing his office. 


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