Coventry City Council has a Conservative council and a third of the seats are up for election on May 6.

In terms of the General Election there are three Labour held seats. Coventry North East is a pretty safe Labour seat. But the other two are more interesting. Coventry North West is our 213th target seat. It is held by New Labour's paymaster Geoffrey Robinson. Coventry South is our 150th target. 

Of the six relevant wards in Coventry South when last contested four went to the Conservatives, two to Labour. A promising basis for our parliamentary candidate to be fighting from. He is Kevin Foster and is himself a local councillor. Good luck to him.

In Coventry North West again there are six relevant wards and when last contested they went four to the Conservatives and two for Labour. So another example of a seat that looks eminently winnable for us on the basis of Council results – but which would be an absolutely sensational victory in terms of the swingometer. Again we have a local councillor standing as our Parliamentary candidate. He is Gary Ridley and good luck to him.

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