Tony Caldeira, entrepreneur and Chairman of the City of Liverpool on the Lib Dems caving into Labour.

On St.George’s day Liverpool City Council usually raises St.George’s flag above the town hall. This year the ruling Liberal Democrats have raised the white flag!

The Lib Dems have again failed to field a full slate of candidates for the upcoming local election on May 6th. Their main focus has been to fight for the Parliamentary seat in Wavertree. They have all but abandoned holding on to control of the council.

As a result they have been distracted and have left the door wide open for the Labour Party to regain control of the City Council for the first time in over a decade. If this happens, the Lib Dems will have
only themselves to blame.

On paper it looks highly likely that the wards of Anfield, Croxteth, Warbreck and Yew Tree will swing back to the Labour Party.

With a higher turnout expected, due to the general election, Labour will also fancy their chances in the traditionally marginal wards of County and Knotty Ash.

This would give Liverpool’s Labour leader Joe Anderson 45 seats on the council. Tantalisingly for him, this is just one short of the 46 he requires for a majority.

On paper, the next two target wards for the Labour Party are Picton and Old Swan. Both are in marginal Wavertree constituency which doubles the stakes for both Labour and the Lib Dems.

Wavertree constituency therefore, is where control of the council, and a marginal Parliamentary seat, will be won and lost. It’s no wonder that both Labour and the Lib Dems are throwing everything at winning
there. I don’t envy the residents!

Putting all your eggs in one basket is a high risk strategy for the Lib Dems. There is a chance that they could lose control of the council, fail to win in Wavertree constituency, and blow tens of thousands of pounds on an unsuccessful campaign.

Even if Lib Dem Colin Eldridge becomes the MP in Wavertree, May 7th could be a bitter sweet day for Liverpool’s Liberal Democrats. There may be several Lib Dem councillors who regret raising the white flag
on St.George’s Day.

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