Lambeth A Labour council candidate in Lambeth is displaying a poster with the message: "Don't vote for rich Tory toffs." It is displayed from the £400,000 Knights Hill home of Jane Pickard, who used to work for People Management magazine.

Kemi Adegoke, Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Dulwich & West Norwood, says:

"I am very sad that the Labour Party feel the need to strike such a nasty tone only a few days into the election campaign. This type of personal attack is uncalled for. The clear message we are getting from the voters is that class and background don't matter at all, and that what is important is having elected representatives who work hard for the local area and stand up for residents."

Nicholas Rogers, a Conservative council candidate for Knights Hill, says:

"This poster is ridiculous and juvenile, and has no place in a civilised campaign. Labour should focus on the issues – such as why one of the Knights Hill councillors asked only nine questions on behalf of the public in a twelve-month period, why Labour-run Lambeth Council paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to consultants and why they have failed to build a badly-needed new school in Knights Hill."

The decision of the Labour Party in Lambeth to seek votes by stirring up class hatred is not only unpleasant but hypocritical.

Just consider the credentials of Labour's team in Lambeth:

  • Cllr Jim Dickson removed one of the barrels of his double-barrelled surname (real name – James Rowan Chatterton-Dixon, son of an admiral and educated at Wellington).
  • Cllr Rachel Heywood's son goes to Sherborne.
  • Tessa Jowell MP desperately tries to cover-up her education. She attended St. Margaret's
    in Aberdeen.

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