Stevenage is among the district councils where a third of the seats are up for election on May 6. At present Labour have a big majority on the Council with 30 seats against five for the Conservatives. However the Stevenage constituency is one of the Conservative target seats at the General Election. The votes from Stevenage for the county council elections last year point to a close race.

The Labour Council has frozen the Council Tax (as has the Conservative controlled Hertfordshire County Council.) The Conservatives have supported the Stevenage Council Tax freeze – they had demanded it pointing out that 1,571 families had bailiffs sent by the Council because they were struggling with the bills.

Yet despite the Council Tax freeze many families are find their Council Tax bills going up because of the Labour Government's revaluation. The aspirational element are being punished for home improvements.

The Conservative candidate Stephan McPartland has also been championing tenants recieving a poor service and long delays from Stevenage Homes, the Labour Council's "arms length" housing body.

The Council were secretive last year over the circumstances of the departure of their Chief Executive Ian Paske. Shouldn't the residents of Stevenage be entitled to know how much of their money was used to pay him off?

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