More good news of Conservative councils delivering a Council Tax freeze even before the arrival of a Conservative Government. Congratulations to Ryedale who are freezing the Council Tax – they have managed to save money by encouraging transactions via their website.Rossendale has also achieved a freeze, after finding £821,000 of efficiency savings including £70,000 on computer systems.

Of the seven county councils gained by the Conservatives last year we have Council Tax freezes this year in three of them – Nottinghamshire, Lancashire and Somerset. The other four Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Derbyshire and Devon have brought in below inflation rises – as have Cornwall (now a unitary council) and Cumbria which after the elections have Conservative minority administrations.

The elections only took place last June so we can already see some progress being made. However taking over a Council from Labour or Lib Dem control really should mean delivering a Council Tax cut. 

In a way what is more impressive is when Conservative councils of long standing are able to deliver a freeze after presumably the more obvious savings had already been found. Among the county councils Hertfordshire and Lancashire are achieving this. So altogether out of the 27 English County Councils were have five this year freezing Council Tax.

Among the district councils there are lots that are bringing in freezes which I have attempted to chronicle – Rossendale and Ryedale above being just the latest ones I've spotted. Honourable mentions should also go to Conservative councils that have achieved very low increases indeed. Such as Basildon – 0.9%. And Welwyn Hatfield – 0.43%.

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