The Local Government Information Unit is holding an Oscars for local councillors. I think these awards ceremonies are fine provided no Council Taxpayers are harmed as a result.

Anyway hats off to the following Conservative nominees – especially Cllr Tierney whose contributions to this site are much appreciated.

Leader of the Year: Cllr Martin Hill, (Lincolnshire.) Cllr Mike Jones, (Cheshire West and Chester.) Cllr Jane Scott, (Wiltshire.)

Young councillor of the Year. Cllr Sean Anstree (Trafford), Cllr Jonathan Ash-Edwards (Mid Sussex), Cllr Darryl Nicholas (Exmouth.)

New councillor of the Year. Cllr Ivan Jennings (Stafford.)

Scrutineer of the Year. Cllr Deidre Alden (Bimingham.) Cllr Christopher Buckmaster (Kensington and Chelsea.) Cllr Stanley Sheinwald (Harrow.)

Online councillor of the Year. Cllr Ross Grant (Leicester), Cllr Steve Tierney (Cambridgeshire).

Community champion of the Year. Cllr John Thompson (Wiltshire.)

Sustainability councillor of the Year. Cllr Derrick Ashley (Hertfordshire.) Cllr Jonathan Coupe (Trafford), Cllr Amrit Mediratta (Three Rivers.)

Award for outstanding contribution to financial performance. Cllr Sarah Candy (Tendring), Cllr Thomas Fairhead (Kensington and Chelsea), Cllr Martin Wilson (South Northamptonshire.)

My main concern is the astonishing oversight that I don't seem to be on any of the lists. Online councillor? Has any other councillor blogged more frequently or won more hits? Contribution to financial performance? What about my seminal 100 ways to cut the Council tax without cutting key services? Perhaps the LGIU had some reservations about No. 29.

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