Picture 14 News this morning of a defection to the Conservatives by an Independent councillor in South Derbyshire.

Lisa Brown (right) was welcomed to the Tory fold by council leader Heather Wheeler (left), who will be standing for Parliament at the general election in the South Derbyshire constituency.

Cllr Brown explained her decision thus:

“In the very near future, we are all expected to cast our vote at the forthcoming General Election. All of us, therefore, are going to have to decide which party to support. We all have a duty and responsibility to vote and determine the future direction of our country in these difficult times. I will be voting Conservative.  I will be supporting the Conservative campaign locally and its able, local candidate Heather Wheeler, who is the Leader at South Derbyshire District Council. I have to be totally frank, open and honest with people about this. I cannot sit on the fence. I feel it absolutely necessary to inform the electorate of my intentions and be completely straightforward with the very many who voted for me and placed their trust in me as an Independent. I do not feel I can legitimately continue under the banner of an Independent and at the same time vote for and support the Conservative Party."

Cllr Wheeler added:

"Lisa will bring with her those very special qualities which characterise her community representation – her integrity, determination, independence, energy and a clear sharp and focused mind; qualities which are  so important for the community issues that we have to resolve on a daily basis on behalf of the residents of South Derbyshire.  We very warmly welcome her to our ranks and know that her decision will prove to be advantageous for the residents of the Etwall Ward, for Lisa and for the Conservative Group in general”.

Jonathan Isaby

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