There was a debate this morning on the Radio 4 Toady programme between Edmund King of the AA and Cllr David Sparks, a Labour councillor and . Mr King and a quarter of million tons less salt than a decade ago there were also gaps in salt management. The disruption to transport caused by the snow last February cost the economy £1.2 billion. Mr King said he was "seeking assurances" that the lessons had been learnt. "Has the lessons been learnt?" asked James Naughtie. "Absolutely," says Cllr Sparks who accuses the AA of "panic mongering."

The AA's concerns sound pretty level headed to me. But if Cllr Sparks is worried about them "panic mongering" perhaps he should have made greater efforts to persuade them there was nothing to worry about. "We wrote to Cllr Sparks on November 16 seeking guarantees, he didn't bother replying to us," says King.