Cllr Bernard Theobald has resigned as the Conservative leader of West Lindsey District Council.  

Cllr Theobald says:

"On Tuesday of this week a report appeared in the Lincolnshire Echo under the heading, 'Revealed: The Truth Behind Planning Outcry' claiming that a planning application submitted by me has resulted in an officer's suspension and investigation by the Audit Commission.

"This report is wholly unfounded and has been passed to my lawyers.

"However, I am of the opinion that the aspersions cast on my reputation and integrity in that report make my position as council leader untenable until these accusations can be properly revoked.

"This report not only harms me but I believe, serves to bring the council and my colleagues into disrepute.

"I have therefore, with the greatest regret, decided to stand down from my position of leader of the council whilst challenging the accuracy and facts in this newspaper report."