The Municipal Journal has a story that Tory Chairman Eric Pickles is privately urging Conservative Councils to look at abolishing the post of Chief Executive as and when such posts fall vacant. Understandably no commment is being made about rumours of what might be discussed at private meetings. But Conservative spokesman have been open in the past about suggesting some Toown Hall CEOs are paid too much and praising Councuils which split the cost by sharing a CEO.

John Redwood has been open in calling for such posts to go. It would seem reasonble that leaving abolishing the position should at least be considered as an alternative to filling the vacancy – as with any other Town Hall post.

The Municipal Journal think Pickles raising these matters contradicts localism. As I stated before when a similar point was made over his complaining at their pay levels, I don't think it does. He is entitled to his opinion. As well as being Party Chairman he was a highly effective leader of Bradford Council so council leaders would do well to listen carefully to his advice. It does not mean he is giving orders.

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