The Times has reported on the Government paying the salaries and providing office space for dozens of full time trade union officials in Whitehall. A whistle blower reports they spend their time on left wing campaigning. Certainly it is abuse of public money and civil service impartiality rules.

Francis Maude, the Shadow Cabinet Office Minister, says:

“On top of office costs, it is now clear that the Government is bankrolling a cadre of full-time union officials across Government, costing millions of pounds a year. There needs to be full openness and transparency on these costs so taxpayers can know whether this is appropriate public expenditure and represents value for money.”

Maude is quite right. The same applies to Town Halls. Not just in Labour councils wanting to do favours to their paymasters. But also Conservative councils where management are unduly craven in this respect and the Conservative councillors are unaware it is happening.