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As Gordon Brown attempted to spear-head his party's fightback last night, a Labour councillor in Brent has announced that he is defecting to the Conservatives.

Cllr Francis Eniola has represented the Welsh Harp ward since 2006 and explained his decsion thus:

“I have today resigned from the Labour Party after 15 years of loyal service and nearly four years as a Labour councillor. I have not taken this decision lightly but only after three years of agonising over the failure of the leadership of the Labour Party to listen and reflect the genuine views, needs and aspirations of the residents of Welsh Harp. The Labour Party has taken a complacent attitude to its supporters for too long and Labour has been unwilling to change to properly represent local people.

“I am genuinely convinced that I will be much better able to serve my constituents in Welsh Harp  by joining the Conservatives, under the forward thinking of David Cameron and the strong local leadership of Cllr Bob Blackman and I am very much looking forward to working with them”.

Party Chairman Eric Pickles has welcomed Cllr Eniola to the Conservatives, saying:

"It seems like Gordon's great fightback has already crumbled at its first hurdle. People are deserting Labour in droves as they realise the only real way of achieving positive change for the country is through a Conservative government. The Prime Minister should do everyone a favour and spare us  another eight months of  labour infighting and plotting  and call an election."

Jonathan Isaby