There is a row in Blackpool over the donation of a property developer of £10,000 to the local Conservatives. Kensington Developments have made the donation to the Blackpool South Conservatives – £5,000 last year and another £5,000 this May. Blackpool Council is Conservative run. Kensington Developments want approval to build 570 homes.

The company say they make a number of donations each year to local bodies, that these are openly declared and no rules have been broken. Buit the Conservative Council leader Cllr Peter Callow says he is "disgusted" has launched an investigation and says that "if heads have got to roll, they've got to roll."

The local Labour MP Gordon Marsden says that as a result of the donations the application should be thrown out.

But what should the rules be? If a local business makes political donations are they to be prohibited from ever making planning applications, licensing applications, etc?

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